MR. MARCO’S V7: Spaceraser: CD

Jan 07, 2008

As if I don’t have enough stuff to review this time around that sounds like Chicago-based music, Mr. Marco’s V7 (horrible name, by the way) is a four-piece from Kansas City that plays instrumental rock but mixed with heavy amounts of free jazz, funk, and a little punk, to boot. I’m sure one might also be able to throw in a few other genres into the mix, too. If you’re looking for a segue from rock into neo-jazz (The Vandermark 5 and related projects), this might help you cross the bridge. In addition to the traditional rock line-up, one member plays the steel, Theremin, and moog. Unfortunately, the band has dumb song titles and in-joke nicknames and, in general, everything that comes across based on the packaging is horrible. But the music can’t be denied. They are really good instrumentalists that run similar to good Chicago free-jazz style. I’m sure they put on a fun, energetic live show, too.

 –kurt (self-released)