MR DAD: Self-titled: 5”

Jun 13, 2014

This sweet little morsel of a 5” comes from a scrappy garage punk band out of North Dakota. So how can I say this without this review going to shit, because I don’t think Mr. Dad is shitty at all; they’re pretty damn solid. The vocals have the similar sound and cadence to Zach de la Rocha from Rage Against The Machine… the screechy, good part of Zach de la Rocha, not the pretentious douchey parts. Two solid thrashy alt garage punk songs on this little baby. Cover art is pretty rad. If I found this at a record store I would be intrigued. I would buy. And I would like it, which I do. You probably will, too. 

 –Camylle Reynolds (Self-released, [email protected])