MR. CALIFORNIA AND THE STATE POLICE: 25 Ways to Annoy Your Neighbor: 7"

Jul 06, 2007

Sometimes you trade with people to see what you get in return without knowing what you are trading for. I like rolling the dice like that sometimes. So I get this record and notice that it has twenty-five songs on a 7”. Must be a power violence record with thirty-second songs. That was far from the truth once this came out of the speakers. From what I could dig up quickly, this is a one-man project, and a bizarre one at that, armed with a cheap keyboard (Casio?), a drum machine and possibly a guitar. This collection of instruments in turn creates a blend of industrial new wave mixed with blast beats of thrash and odd interludes. To picture my expression, imagine seeing a face with eyes of bewilderment and confusion with an odd tilt trying to balance out the thoughts. Electronic anarchy mixed with a warped sense of humor barely sums up what I am trying to describe what I hear. Fans of Plutocracy, Stikky, Spazz, or Le Scrawl would be the only people able to survive this insanity and enjoy it.

 –don (Armpit Toast)

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