MOXIE BEAT: Self-titled: 12” EP

May 30, 2014

This is a gorgeous picture disk 12” proudly displayed in a clear vinyl sleeve. Both sides feature artwork by guitarist Fritz Aragon. The playing side depicts a young girl opening her bisected head, like a Russian nesting doll, revealing a dark spiral behind her face. The backside is adorned with a speckled toppling cathedral. Tonally, Moxie Beat delivers the same sort of brooding introspection as both images. The band is reminiscent of members’ previous projects like RogueState, Dogs Of Ire, and Restrained. It’s hardcore with a dramatic edge. With dueling bassists and fractured—but melodic—riffs, Moxie Beat pummels through four songs without ever plummeting into an aural mess. The rhythm section sputters and spurts with technical flair never satisfied with simply sprinting to the finish line. Instead, each song is hulking and anguished, lingering on each abrasive facet. The whole package (the songs, the large foldout poster, the artwork) fits together nicely—a testament to the elbow grease involved in DIY punk. A must-have from one of SoCal’s finest—and loudest. 

 –Sean Arenas (Ethospine,, [email protected] / Vitriol,, [email protected])