MOUTHBREATHERS: “Anxiety” b/w “The Creeper”: 7”

Mar 26, 2012

Though I’m probably not the most qualified to review this record, I really dig it! Pretty straightforward, bouncy garage rock with catchy melodies with the reverb turned up to eleven. My only complaint is that the production is almost too good for a record like this. I think the band would have benefited from a little more fuzz and a little more tape hiss. But it’s a minor complaint. Looking forward to hearing more from this band in the future!

 –Chris Mason (In the Red,

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January 31, 2018
“Frenzied rock ‘n’ roll that sings to your soul!” claims the sticker on the outside of the shrink wrap, and whilst I’d be stunned to find out that anyone reading this magazine can actually discern any tangible frenzy on display herein, I will go so far as to state that this guitar/organ/drums trio has delivered a largely enjoyable and well-executed trip into what someone might imagine someone else’s rec room might have sounded like fifty-five years ago, lack of frenzy be damned. The record has got too much studio gloss to sound like the Henchmen, lacks the soul of the Reigning Sound, and can’t even pull off the smirking swagger of the Fleshtones—but, that said, “Medicated” sounds like mid-sixties Paul Revere & The Raiders if half the band didn’t show up (and Paul wasn’t such an anti-drug nerd), “Blue Powder” sounds like what someone in REO Speedwagon might imagine the Mummies sounded like, and “Too Much Love” manages to fuse “Don’t Talk to Me” by GG Allin & The Jabbers to “Windy” by the Association, and, in my living room, that’s not without its own well-mannered charms. BEST SONG: “Too Much Love.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Medicated.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Any song title with four words or less is capitalized normally, but the two song titles of six words only capitalize the first Word. You’re not impressing the Europeans one bit, Woolly Bushmen! –Rev. Nørb (Pig Baby,
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