Jul 06, 2010

If you are in a hardcore band and you are considering adding reggae to your repertoire (or even considering it as an influence) you need to ask yourself a question: “Are we the Bad Brains?” If you are the Bad Brains, proceed, just not too much. If you are not the Bad Brains, stop right there. You aren’t the Bad Brains, and will thus inevitably fuck this up. Just stay hardcore. Unfortunately, no one in Mouth Sewn Shut asked themselves this question, and they have several really laughably bad attempts at reggae on this LP. The non-reggae songs are relatively decent crusty hardcore about the usual crusty hardcore subjects. The singer sounds like Barney Greenway a little bit, so extra points for that. But seriously, cut the reggae.

 –Ryan Horky (Rodent Popsicle)