Jul 06, 2010

Not to toot my own horn but me and OldHCDude got pictures inside the gatefold of this record! Woohoo! I always get soft and gooey when people want to use my work. Now that I’m all stoked, seeing the cool splattered milky yellow and black vinyl just brought me up a notch. Anticipation is high now to hear what comes pouring out of the speakers. Not disappointed. A band that never let me down live and this recording sounds to be the best I have heard from them. A big fan of good production, this one is forceful with the best of them. I even really like that the ska and reggae numbers have equal energy to their punk ones. Par for their course, vocals are power-driven with angered output that East Coasters seem deliver with regularity. Bass guitar is prominent in the mix, driving the low down notes up front while the drums provide the chest-thumping drive. The crisp distortion from the guitar keeps the aggro level up. Have to say, this is the best output I have heard to date. Thanks for using my pictures!

 –don (Rodent Popsicle)