Nov 02, 2015

Motörhead’s three thousandth albumBad Magicis one of their best, at least in recent memory. The band’s been around for forty years, and has had their current lineup since 1992. Lemmy is sixty-nine and still going, which is amazing when you consider most sixty-nine-year-old people are gliding comfortably into retirement. His gravelly, gruff vocals sound a little weak compared to past albums—which can be partially explained in that he’s had some health problems recently—but in some regards it gives the songs some differentiation to past albums. Not every song sounds the same, although some critics complain that Motörhead’s albums are redundant. There are some anthemic tunes amongst these thirteen songs including “Fire Storm Hotel” and “Tell Me Who to Kill.” A nice bluesy number “Till the End” makes for some diversity of sound and the closer, a cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil,” has some serious muscle. Bad Magic still sounds like Motörhead, but there’s some urgency in the sound. Maybe there’s not much left in the Motörhead gas tank—but as Lemmy sings on the opening track, “Victory or Die!”—this is certainly one for the victory column. 

 –kurt (UDR)

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