MOTORS, THE: 1, Approved by the Motors, and Tenement Steps: CD

Jul 13, 2006

Truth be told, “Airport” from Approved by the Motors was the only song I’d ever heard from these guys, and that was only ‘cause Steve Jones played it recently on his Jonesy’s Jukebox radio program. So, yeah, my experience with this band has been quite limited. Here’s what I’ve managed to deduce: they were a late-‘70s UK pub-turned-new-wave band best remembered for the aforementioned “Airport,” which apparently still finds itself featured in the odd commercial now and then. My impressions of their music are they started off as pretty much your average pub rock band and kinda veered more in a 10CC direction (at least that’s what I’m hearing) and by Tenement Steps the tunes could’ve easily fit into a Broadway show with a little rearranging. Sounds like I’m totally slagging ‘em off, I know, but they are quite good at what they do, even if I’m not feeling the “new wave” vibe from this. “Crazy Alice” RIPS in fine pub rock fashion, though.

 –jimmy (Captain Oi)