MOTORMOUTH MABEL: Catch the Fury: Cassette

Jul 29, 2010

Apart from sheer nostalgia for people of a certain age ((and perhaps consideration for those of us who still drive motor vehicles manufactured after 1980 but prior to 2003)), there really are no abiding reasons why anyone should ever release anything on cassette again, ever. Cassettes were a fucking DUMB format. Their fidelity decreased every time you played them, they got dusty and warbly and fucked up, they got twisted and kinked and snapped, tape transport from song to song was a time-consuming and aggravating pain in the ass, and every now and again your cassette deck would just randomly eat a tape, sort of like Charlie Brown’s kite-eating tree, but less epic. About the best thing i could say for pre-recorded cassettes ((as opposed to mix tapes, which still remain the gold standard for such things)) is that if you didn’t like what was on there, you could tape over it. That said, Motormouth Mabel sound like if the singer from the Hypnotics ((you know, “Indoor Fiends,” “Weird People” et al)) had a kid who wound up fronting the Rich White Males and singing songs about liquor stores and GG Allin and stuff. I’ve definitely heard worse, but this format tries my patience. Hey, let’s bring back bug-zapper bangs and Hypercolor™ shirts while we’re at it! BEST SONG: “PBR Be My Valentine”—truly the “Shut Down” of beer. BEST SONG TITLE: “Why Won’t That Girl, That I’ve Been Staring At All Night, Look Back at Me” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Mabel hates police.

 –norb (Tick Tock)