MOTORAMA: Dirt Track Specialist: CD

Jan 07, 2008

Okay, so, yes. With a name like Motorama and a title such as this, it’s not that hard to figure out how the innards shall reflect the outer package. Okay, so, yes. Gearhead punk. Very much like early Zeke, but not as fast and frenetic. Okay, so, yes. This was exactly what I expected, but I wasn’t disappointed at all. This is a solid record to be sure, but not overtly groundbreaking, and I feel like I’m reaching a level of saturation with this vein of rock’n’roll, so it’s hard for me to get completely gooey about this one. Dirt Track Specialist would be a good record to pick up if you’re at the store with extra cash and an exhausted shopping list.

 –Eric Carlson (Last Chance)