MOTOCHRIST: Greetings from the Bonneville Salt Flats: CD

Aug 26, 2009

Suck it, Motochrist. I got pissed by the cover, which has a picture of a dragster, yet the title makes a salt flats reference. Call me picky, but top fuel dragsters with wide-open carburetor intakes and mushy, over-sized back wheels are for the quarter mile on paved roads. If the rig doesn’t automatically die on the Bonneville Salt Flats from salt being sucked into the engine, it’d run about as a fast as a senior citizen pushing a grocery cart up a steep incline. Perhaps the cover image is cool? Dunno. But the dude wearing a Valvoline shirt on the back cover should have it ripped off his chest. Motochrist sound like leather-panted, past middle-aged Guitar Center hair rock. No, not good.

 –todd (Heat Slick)

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