M.O.T.O.: Shitty Kids: 7” EP

May 20, 2014

I saw M.O.T.O. perform to a rather empty bar last summer, which baffled me as Paul Caporino’s extensive catalog only has a couple of stinkers. But then I started thinking about how I won’t touch certain bands because of the size of their catalog and the intimidation factor of not knowing where to start. So, if you are wondering where to start with M.O.T.O., the truth is probably anywhere will be just fine. Now that that’s been settled, Mr. Caporino presents three new M.O.T.O. songs on this one, and, per usual, they are damn fine. The opener and eponymous track displays more of Paul’s punk tendencies, while the other two songs demonstrate his signature take on older rock, like Del Shannon. All three are recorded cleanly, and some better with each listen. If ya like M.O.T.O., then there ain’t no reason not to grab this. The only question that remains is, are the crude, no-fi recordings as gone from M.O.T.O.’s repertoire as the black pigment from Paul’s hair? 

 –Vincent (Secret Mission, secretmissionrecords.com)

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