M.O.T.O.: E Pluribus Moto: LP

Another old MOTO cassette reissued, this one from 1993. While I’m sure the original version of “It Tastes Just Like a Milkshake” ((as recently exhumed by the ever-graceful Nobunny)) will have all the kids pantin’, as will miscellaneous MOTO gems from all values of the Perversion Spectrum—from pure ((“I’m On Your Side I’m On It”)) to light ((“Straighten It Out”)) to heavy ((“Milkshake”)) to flat-out filthy ((“I Wanna Stick Myself” “Cancer In My Dick”))—on the whole, the very drum machiney sounding drum machine and the extended interludes of indulgent goofing off towards the end make this album less of a must-have than its spiritual sibling, “Bolt!” If anyone’s ever gotten laid whilst “Reading The Book Of My Life By The Light Of Your Love” was playing, I’d like to hear about it. BEST SONG: “It Tastes Just Like a Milkshake” BEST SONG TITLE: “Reading The Book Of My Life By The Light Of Your Love” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Comes with a fancy embossed gold foil “19th Anniversary” sticker on the front, which i find uproarious for some reason.

 –norb (Rerun)