M.O.T.O.: Bolt!: LP

Sep 05, 2012

The first time i saw MOTO they were playing in a Chicago record store on some Independence Day or another, and, after making my way to the merch zone, i was absolutely gobsmacked by what i saw: Dozens and dozens—for all i knew, hundreds and hundreds—of different MOTO CD-R’s for sale. A fucking ocean of hand-lettered song-titles, crudely scrawled illustrations, and slimline jewel cases. MOTO songs, twenty at a crack, as far as the eye could see, in what might as well have been an infinite recursion. I was paralyzed. I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t know what to buy first. My brain shut down; i wound up not buying anything and spending all my money on Old Style® at Wrigley Field. Paul Caporino has written and recorded a fuck-ton of songs. A FUCKING FUCK-TON! I’d say the guy is legitimately up there with über-prolific street crazies like Daniel Johnston or Wesley Willis in terms of sheer volume of output, and the appellation of “the punk rock Guided By Voices” isn’t that far from the mark. This particular album is a re-issue of a twenty-song 1986 cassette, and is a stone hoot from start to finish. In addition to supplying the well-known “Dick about It” and “Month of Sundays,” “Bolt!” also houses a spate of equally mind-blowingly offbeat punky-poppy obscurities, like “Catholic World” “Destroy the Earth” “Killer Shrews” “Sickle Cell Express” and “Buckingham.” “Sickle Cell Express” is particularly amazing, in that if you woulda blindfolded me and asked me what year in which i imagined that song to be recorded, i would’ve said “1967, and probably on one of those ‘Boulders’ records!”, at least until it got to the part about Frank Sinatra shaving off his pubic hair. If you would have perpetrated the same schtick with “Buckingham,” i would have said “1971,” and, absent any references to the Chairman of the Board’s manscaping, would never have been the wiser. CONSUMERS!!! PARALYZE NO FURTHER!!! IF YOU ONLY BUY THIRTY MOTO RECORDS THIS MONTH, MAKE THIS ONE OF THEM!!! BEST SONG: “Sickle Cell Express” BEST SONG TITLE: “Walk Don’t Walk” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The album cover looks like the Jolt® logo, but the original cassette cover looks more like the Flash’s logo. Where’s Sheldon Cooper when ya need him?

 –norb (Rerun)

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