Jul 06, 2010

Hey current Ottawa punk rock scene: you’ve done it yet again. About a year ago there were like a thousand new bands in this town, most of them good, if not great. Inevitably, some of them turned out to be summer romances or slightly longer flings, but others stuck—long-term polygamous relationships based on boozing, power-pop, biking, hardcore, and pizza. I consider myself incredibly lucky to be part of a community that continues to flourish and gain recognition, and one of Ottawa’s best exports, Mother’s Children, have just churned out one hell of an LP for Deranged Records. As first evidenced on last year’s Dance to the Rock N Roll Band EP on Going Gaga, these four fellows (whose current and previous affiliations include Year Zero, Million Dollar Marxists, the Sick Fits, Cloven Hoofs, and a handful of others) have the goods required to pen some of the most memorable power-pop-rock-n-roll songs this side of the first Any Trouble LP, infused with a proto-punk/glam snottiness and energy that sets them well apart from the legions of copycats currently huddling under the power pop banner. It’s easy to shrug this kinda stuff off these days, but regardless of musical preference, give this a spin and a good listen. You won’t regret it.

 –Dave William (Deranged)