Jan 27, 2015

Although the first song sounds like some little glam fucks trying to work out long-standing issues regarding white guilt over “Talk Dirty to Me” Poison appreciation, everything else sounds like a glorious, full-bodied upturning of the Guitar Romantic applecart ((minus the tininess and the glue-sniffing)), a soaring, flannel-shirted revisiting of the Yum-Yums canon ((minus all the girls)), a savvy older brother handing down banned medical tracts to Ramma Lamma ((minus the cartooniness)), power pop and glam and punk and rock and roll and sometimes you just gotta tip your toque to the excellence of execution, ya know? Earth might have been a better planet if this was the second Generation X album instead of Valley of the Dolls, mightn’t it? I kind of can’t think of anything I don’t like about this record, except that all the lemons on the back cover are making me hungry for fish. As far as I’m concerned, this band is so good that they should make Ottawa the new capital of Canada! BEST SONG: “Helen Mustn’t Know,” maybe. BEST SONG TITLE: “Helen Mustn’t Know,” certainly. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: This album appears to have been pressed up in a number of different countries, and the front cover art is grey and yellow for some countries and aqua and yellow for others.

 –norb (Taken By Surprise,