MOTHER SPEED: Bizarre Reality: 7”

Jul 02, 2009

This band has a lot going for them on side one in that the singer sounds like Spike from early D.R.I. recordings and the songs are short blasts of skate rock in that vein. That part is right on, well done, and awesome. There is some stoner-type riffage thrown in that bothers me. The riffs aren’t bad, but it doesn’t work for me. The second side is just a mélange of noise including horns and shit. Again, nothing wrong there, just not a fan of that. The cover art is a good mural of some baddies wearing goat skulls, but it looks like stoner rock artwork, further confusing an old punk. I like the songs when they speed off, and, overall, this dynamic prevails on side one. The record is good and worth getting into, just confusing to old people. Also confusing to old people is two email addresses, two myspace addresses and a street address included on a 7”.

 –Billups Allen (Here’s Your Warning)