Jan 27, 2015

When the weather in Boston is nice, sometimes there is an older, slightly disheveled street musician in front of the public library playing a keyboard. It often sounds futuristic and also has a steady, kickin’ beat. Almost all of it is pre-programmed and he just hits a few keys here and there. I kind of dig it, and if I weren’t always in such a hurry I’d stop and listen. There were times on this CD that I felt like I was listening to that guy play, except this is a two-person act (featuring Kronos and Jupiter Skab) with vocals and their sound is more goth than that dude in front of the library. I like hearing that guy jam, while in contrast some of the songs on II were so excruciating that I was convinced this almost had to be a joke. It wasn’t helped by the fact that the lyrics have something to do with someone named Zorgon: “Zorgon calls your soul,” “The loneliness of Zorgon,” and “Zorgon promised me the future.” This is a joke, right?

 –kurt (56th Street)

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