Mostly True: By Bill Daniel, 148 pgs. By M.Avrg

Packaged as a book and touted as “The West’s Most Popular Hobo Graffiti Magazine,” this could be regarded as a companion piece to the Where’s Bozo Texino? documentary that the author also directed prior. There is a section on Bozo Texino in here, featuring interviews with Grandpa, J.H. McKinley, and the movie. (I imagine the dialogue is excerpted from the film—have yet to see it.) This is designed similar to old journals you would find around the early to mid-1900s. Even the ads look like something out of the past (a few actually are!) If you’ve ever wondered about the graffiti you see on the side of rail cars, this is a good place to look. There are pages of photos, stories, and conversations with some of the artists. It’s a world that’s rarely seen, so reading this was a great breakaway from the usual, and I found myself really intrigued by the whole experience. It’s pretty obvious Bill Daniel is deeply interested in this art and its lifestyle, and that comes through in this book. –M.Avrg (Microcosm, 222 S Rogers St., Bloomington, IN 47404,