MORTALS: Cursed to See the Future: CD

Nov 21, 2014

A nice combination of fast, heavy, and crushing. There are also some catchy elements in the songs that work themselves into your brain. The song structures are complex with time changes galore, and yet it’s never overwrought or boring. The vocals are long, drawn-out, anguished bellows of self reflection and defiance. I hear traces of black metal—from the days of Venom to the present—in the guitar tone. The bass tone on here is near perfect. Just the right amount of distortion. The notes cut through razor sharp. Then you have the drumming of Caryn Havlik. She brings in the heaviness with each thunderous strike and avalanche roll, and that’s what really hooks me into these songs. The songs are paced where there are no moments of quiet. Instead, they are strung together one after the other, creating this impenetrable wall of sound that envelopes the room. This is an album that requires repeated listening to discover and explore the many layers within.

 –M.Avrg (Relapse)

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