MORONS, THE: Discography: Cassette

Jan 11, 2013

The Morons! Really? I have to review... The Morons?, was the first thing to go through my head when I saw this tape. Then I put it on and got a swift smack in the face for making assumptions based on a shitty band name alone. The first song, “Come Get Drunk with Me,” is pure punk rock perfection, a song so flawless in its portrayal of punk rock camaraderie it fails to be a classic simply because of its obscurity. It’s in the voice of a guy drinking alone and missing his friends: “If you will come get drunk with me / too sloppy drunks is all we’ve got to be / I’m not asking for much just some fun / will smoke some crack and go for a beer run / To the store for more beer / I wish you guys were here.” The Morons are one of those rare bands that redeem the banal melodic hardcore genre by taking the Fat Wreck/Epitaph/skate video style of punk, ramping up the speed, and just playing the living shit out of it; much in the spirit of British bands like Snuff and Guns ‘n’ Wankers and even Motörhead (they do covers of the latter two), but still, whether it’s the lead singer or all of the band jumping in together on vocals, you can hear every word over the din. From what I gather, this is the retrospective discography of the band. They were pretty prolific in the early nineties in Chattanooga, a town famous for wonderfully obscure bands. It kind of makes me feel left out that they had all this fun and I just found out about their music. But it’s better late than never, so jump on board.  –Craven (Once Tender)

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