MORNING SHAKES, THE: Piss Off Daddy: 7"

Mar 04, 2001

Side one is a nice dose of obnoxious trash rock. Side two is yet another cover of the Zero Boys’ "Civilization’s Dying." Granted, it’s the best cover of the songs I’ve heard so far, but it’s getting a little played out. This is the fourth cover of it I’ve heard this month. Fuck, soon it’s going to surpass "American Society," "Anarchy in the UK," and "I’m Not Your Stepping Stone" combined in cover versions. Look, howzabout we pick a new Zero Boys song to run into the ground, say "Hightime" or "Amphetamine Addiction" if you’re going for that rock’n’roll sound? Just a suggestion.

 –jimmy (Get Hip, PO Box 666, Canonsburg, PA 15317)

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