MORNING GLORY: Born to December: 7”

Nov 13, 2013

I guess this “band” has been going for over a decade now, and this is my first listen. What started as a solo project for Leftover Crack frontman Ezra Kire, slowly morphed into a full band complete with pianos and strings. The A side has that rollicking on the docks shanty sound, like an Americana Pogues, or if the Decembrists were punk. I could be wrong, but I bet they dress up like steam punks or civil war re-enactors when they play. The flip is way more rock’n’roll, like a folksy Black Keys almost. The recording is very crisp and the drums click like all Fat Wreck Chords releases (is that mandatory when releasing a record with them?). I bet the kids fucking love this. I’m old as fuck and thought it was shit. What the fuck do I know?

 –Tim Brooks (Fat Wreck Chords,