MORMONS, THE: We’re Not Dead: 7”

Jun 13, 2014

If you’ve been to any of the larger shows, festivals, and such in the greater L.A. area, chances are you’ve seen these long-time scene stalwarts—not on the main stage per se, more likely in the parking lot, with bullhorn, drums, guitars and amps strapped to their bodies as they play their way through in matching black pants, white button front shirts and bike helmets. I highly recommend you catch ‘em in a more traditional live setting, though, where their sets are paradoxically ever more unhinged—last time I saw ‘em, Patrick climbed into a plastic trashcan, hurled himself off the stage and continued howling through the rest of the song while rolling in-can around the dance floor, not missing a beat. This most recent single handily demonstrates they’re more than a mere visual one-trick pony, they’re a band with some serious chops: equal parts Voidoids, early Devo and the more sophisticated wing of the San Gabriel Valley hardcore scene served up as tasty, driving punk that ain’t afraid to work outside the box and follow their own muse(s). The two tracks here, “Eaters of Shit” and “Friend Detector,” are culled from their Forge Ahead EP, also included in its entirety here via download, which sweetens the deal exponentially. It’s goddamned criminal these kids aren’t the toast of the town already and that this hasn’t sold out several times over. Here’s a chance to rectify that situation. 

 –jimmy (The Mormons)