Mar 03, 2011

Not to be confused with the old San GabrielValley band of the same name or the more recent South Central Los Angeles band with the same name, this Moral Decay appears to have existed since at least 2001. They deal in metallic hardcore made by guys who clearly can play their instruments and sound angry when they shout. Dunno the story behind this, but by the looks of it—in addition to the CD is a DVD with their “final show” on it, tracks from an unreleased EP, a sorta narrated band history, and other stuff along the same lines—it might be some sorta swan song for ‘em. While I gotta admit, I’m much more partial to the SGV band that used the name some thirty years ago (what can I say? I’m an elitist old fart), these cats ain’t (or rather, weren’t) bad at what they do.

 –jimmy (Anti-Corporate Music)