MORAL CRUX: Top 40 Hits and Pop Favorites: CD

Mar 03, 2009

Moral Crux! You are tampering with my very existence! Did you underestimate my complete and total love of your music? Did you not understand the very real consequences of putting all of your best songs on one CD? Did you not realize that I may not be able to handle this, physically, psychologically, and, dare I say, spiritually? The pressure mounts in my brain! The uncontrollable desire to dance! One amazingly political (and pop punk!) song after another! It does not stop! The questions arise! Does everyone feel this way about music? Were 7” inches created to dole out songs in reasonable doses, so as to avoid this very problem? At any rate, it goes without saying that if this were a cereal, it’d be Lucky Charms…several boxes of Lucky Charms, given to you all at once, with an empty stomach and a large spoon!

 –maddy (Jailhouse)