MORAL CRUX: Pop Culture Assassins: LP

Mar 03, 2009

Extraordinary re-release alert! On super heavy and colored (half black, half white—it’s crazy!) vinyl, no less! Lookout released this in 2003, but I don’t recall it being released on vinyl. (Record nerds, please issue a correction letter, if needed!) But let’s stop beating around the bush! If you don’t like Moral Crux, THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU. And not in the cool, “Man, I was weird in high school” way. No, in the legitimately wrong, fan-of-Eddie-Vedder kind of way. In fact, I plan to be filing an amicus brief before the International Criminal Court, which is currently investigating the criminal nature of this band’s underrated stature! Moral Crux have continually done what some might have thought impossible: create the perfect combination of political punk and pop punk. If you haven’t heard the song “Firing Squad,” then you need to put down your Cherry Coke and Wii controller (yes, even Mario Kart can be paused!) and take a rickshaw down to your local record store post haste! If this were a cereal, it’d be Lucky Charms! Yes! Buy this!

 –maddy (Jailhouse)