MOOVALYA: Self-titled: CD

Sep 05, 2012

I went to the first two Warped Tours, skipped a year, went back in 1998 and then stopped going for a while. Then one of the bands playing a local Warped date stayed with me in 2002, so I went back. I had an embarrassingly good time and started attending Warped Tour again. In recent years, the majority of bands on the tour play a very complicated new form of emo, with screamed lyrics over technically adept hardcore. Moovalya is more accessible than most contemporary new school emo-influenced punk. They’re the sort of band that can make older snobs understand the appeal of the present day Warped Tour sound. There’s a definite link from the music of the past to this newish form, but its immediate influence is itself. Chances are, the kids are having more fun than you are. Why not check out what they’re into?

 –Art Ettinger (Dagger Sight,

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