MOONEY SUZUKI, THE: Electric Sweat: CD

Feb 05, 2009

The Stooges had Raw Power, The MC5 had Rocket Reducer, well, The Mooney Suzuki have Electric Sweat. This CD, babies, will be the first and last thing your ears will ever need to hear on a daily basis. The Mooney Suzuki have been making quite a name for themselves since their inception back in the rock dormant days of 1997. The buzz started on the Bomp List and spread like wildfire from the mouths of music connoisseurs who spoke with frantic fanaticism of the coming of The Mooney revolution. The rest, they say, is rock’n’roll history, for countless many nights on the road (with a man-tasy sandwich bill opening for The Donnas and Bratmobile) yielded new believers and converted the naysayers who insisted that rock was dead. The Mooney took their voodoo mojo and worked overtime making the fans swoons with the intoxicating auditory sweet poison of gut-busting, soul bearing, kick-out-the-jams rocknrolla of People Get Ready, the now classic, clap yo’ hands, Tim Kerr produced Estrus debut. Electric Sweat finds The Mooney finessing their way into a (gulp) mellower Otis Redding territory but still delivering their custom hipswaying boogie chops. MotorCityDetroit Dirt-maestro, Jim “Diamond Jim” Diamond of Ghetto Recorders fame has his way with the Mooney boys this time and the result of their glorious misspent summer, oh those ghetto hot days, is this Electric Sweat album. You know, Jim half jokingly told me this was going to be the title awhile back and I thought for sure they would rethink their decision, but I have to give them ultra-props for stinking – I mean sticking to this title. Ooooo, make it funky!

 –nam (Gammon)

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