MOONEY SUZUKI, THE: Electric Sweat: CD

Jul 09, 2009

Oh, thank god. Another crucial reissue of forgotten garage rock from way back in the garage rock heyday of nine months ago. If you don't know what this crap is all about, I will warn you. The lead singer of the Mooney Suzuki looks like the lead singer of Steppenwolf. The cover of this album looks like the cover of the first Grand Funk Railroad album, and in fact, my dad actually thought it was a Grand Funk Railroad CD. "In a Young Man's Mind" is what "Kick Out the Jams" would sound like if it were played by soulless Grand Funk Railroad fans who replaced the revolutionary lyrics with dumb rockstar stuff about Jimmy Page and girls. A couple of songs sound like Neil Diamond minus the kitsch factor that makes Neil Diamond appealing to some people. Most of the songs sound like (surprise!) Steppenwolf and Grand Funk Railroad, complete with all the wanky arena rock clichés that appeal to the legions of Aerosmith and Bon Jovi pants-pissing fanboys. I would have forgotten what this sounded like if the "look how cool we are" attitude hadn't irritated me so much. If you like licking testicles and you listen to the Strokes, this is an essential part of your CD collection that will be traded in when you read about the next fad in Spin. Garage rock revival? If garage rock is what you are looking for, Tim Kerr has been in about seventy-five bands and they are all better than this.

 –josh (Columbia)