MONSTERS FROM MARS!: Surfing Through a Creepy Castle: 7” EP

Mar 14, 2007

This is a gem of an EP, a perfect blend of traditional surf (reminiscent of the Phantom Surfers) and post-punk sci-fi surf (think Man...Or Astroman?). And that's just the originals. On the flipside, where the covers take over, the band again shows how well they can play both sides of the fence, taking on Britney Spear's "Toxic"(one of the most remarkable reclamation projects to ever grace my turntable) and Joe Meek's "Telstar." Bonus points for not naming themselves "The Martians," thus implying that even on their native Mars these guys and gal are on the outskirts of society. –Mike Faloon

 –guest (Tic Tac Totally)