MONSIEURS, THE: Self-titled: CD

All the pictures show a three-piece band: vocals, drums, and guitar. But I can only hear one instrument when I push play: fuzz. The Monsieurs are masters of fuzz. They manipulate it the way a sculptor manipulates clay. Perhaps that analogy isn’t quite accurate, because it makes it sound as if The Monsieurs are making fine art. While it’s true that they are fuzz-masters and are well versed in the nuances of fuzz, their intention seems to be stomping, fuzzed-out destruction. They don’t want you to hear their fuzz and say, “Oh, what nice fuzz!” They want to infect you with their fuzz. They want to shove their fuzz down your throat until your head explodes and their fuzz is glazed with your brain meat. And you will be thankful for it. 

 –mp (Black Gladiator / Slovenly)