I like getting an education away from academies. When listening to Jeffrey Evans—my first exposure was years ago with The Gibson Bros.—it’s always seemed that I’m not just listening to him, but decades upon decades of great rock’n’roll, rockabilly, and blues through him. It’s no Blues Hammer “I picked cotton” histrionic shit. His music is often shaken and agitated or slightly askew, but with a deep understanding and great respect for the legacies of mostly overlooked icons. (Which Jeffery Evans has become, too.) This LP is a re-release (first time on vinyl) of a small CD run from 2001 that was originally released on Contaminated. The CC Riders on this outing were none other than Alicja Trout (Lost Sounds, Mouse Rocket, Nervous Patterns, on drums), Jay Reatard (on guitar), and James Arthur (Necessary Evils, on guitar). The recording is intimate and warm and has that Oblivians or Dirtbombs LP feel, where they balance out carefully selected covers and pair them with a handful of durable, memorable originals. If you’re looking for roots, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for cheap, shiny things that will soon tarnish, take a pass. A welcome and recommended record.

 –todd (Spacecase,, [email protected])