MONOMYTH: Saturnalia Regalia!: LP

Start with Alex Chiltonʼs lyrical sweetness, drop in the jangly innocence of Half Japanese, and throw in a dash of the Replacementsʼ understated talent. Wrap it all up in the magic known as “Canadian music” and you have the debut LP from Halifax psych-pop kings Monomyth. I have serious swoon-worthy feelings whenever I listen to this record, especially during “Candleholder”: “Youʼre the girl of my dreams / Thatʼs why I stay in bed.” Gahh, that shy romantic shit just killsme! Lusty feelings aside, Monomyth is one of few bands that can write a song where the chorus is “Fuck this life” and yet everything still sounds like a little slice of posi dream pop pie. Highly recommended. 

 –Alanna Why (Mint)