MONKS OF SCIENCE / DEFAULT: Inspirations and Escalations: Complete Recordings 1987-1992: CD

This disc is a pretty crucial release that gathers all the recorded output that both bands had. I had frankly never heard of either band, so this compilation was a real treat for me. To recount, both bands were active in the U.K. from 1987 until 1992. I think both bands were essentially the same band sans a lead singer and an added bassist. The only real problem I had with the disc was the chronology of the track listings. Default happened earlier in time, but their tracks are at the end of the CD. Likewise, the liner notes detailing everything are kind of jumbled in the same manner. Luckily, this doesn’t really matter, as the disc kills! Both bands cranked out an awesome blend of American-styled pop punk that sounds familiar yet fresh even today. The Default tracks feature vocalist Loyd Sims who took his vocal cues from Glenn Danzig, it seems, which isn’t a critique as much as an observation. Conversely, the bassist who joined The Monks was Stuart West—who you might know as Stu West—currently a member of a little band called The Damned. This disc is totally worth making an effort to find.

 –Garrett Barnwell (Boss Tuneage)