MONITORS: Self-titled: 7”EP

Aug 01, 2006

I’m no musician, and I don’t play one on TV, but I think they’re using the wrong end of the synthesizer, the side with all the high pitched keys. See, the vocals are all fuzzed-out and linty and crazed and the guitars slash while the bass bounces like a car with bad shocks, which is all pretty rad, but then the synthesizer, which is front and center, sounds like it’s backing a dancing fuzzball in a public service announcement between Sunday morning cartoons circa 1972. It just makes it odd because the rest is “Rust has rotted our circuit boards! We’re robots on kill mode! Raaar!” and the synthesizer is all “F is for Family. Let’s all hug this problem out.” I’m trying to like the Monitors, but it’s just bugging me that the Care Bears have been let loose in their interpretation of Philip K. Dick’s future.

 –todd (Goodbye Boozy)

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