Mar 03, 2009

I’d been thinking about picking this up since I saw that it had been released. Nothing that I’ve heard from Monikers has disappointed me, but I just put off buying the album. Now that I’ve heard it, I am upset that I didn’t pick it up right when it came out. This album ups the ante for future output from the band. This is a full-length full of melodic pop punk with gruff vocals in debt to early ‘90s EastBay punk—but they’re definitely good for the loan. They take what their forbearers gave to them and made it a bit bigger. The lyrical content is depressing in a life affirming way—it’s like I can put this on for a pick me up when I’m feelin’ down and it can make me feel better even when I’m already feelin’ all right. Even the acoustic track at the end works!

 –Vincent (Kiss Of Death)