Nov 04, 2008

Like many loyal Razorcake readers and contributors, I am a serious sucker for gruff-yet-poppy, East Bay-heyday style punk rock. When Lame Gig Contest or Karin are on the ol’ phonograph, I can’t imagine music sounding much better. My instincts tell me that the folks in Monikers would likely agree. If you thought that the tasty Jawbreaker-by-way-of-Crimpshrine jams on Eat Your Young weresomething to behold, than Wake Up will undoubtedly leave you grinning endlessly and have you heading right back to Side A once you reach the end. These last few months have been incredibly good for rough-around-the-edges melodic punk (Hidden Spots, Banner Pilot, etc.), and Monikers are smack-dab at the top of the pile. Wowee. 

 –Dave William (Kiss Of Death)