Jan 14, 2009

Delay: The only band I know of that makes me wish I was young. And I don’t mean quasi-college years young, or even high school young. I mean like thirteen. When you first started to realize the world was fucked up, and you wanted to do something about it. Songs about snow days and how fucked up movies are, and how love was supposed to be something new that would save you from your generic state and give you real meaning. And then looking back at it, and realizing how wrong and sad we ended up making it all. These are easily the three best songs Delay has done, and that says a lot. Monikers: While Delay makes every word count, Monikers contribute an overall feeling that gives these songs a tone of helplessness and hope at the same time. Every time I hear a new Monikers song I’m shocked, because their songs are so simple and catchy, but they somehow manage not to retread any ground. My only complaint would be the group yelling in the background of these songs. I’m glad that they had fun with the recording, and it could have come out totally fun if done right, but, particularly on the last song, it’s a bit distracting. I wish they would have exercised a bit of restraint in that area, because I really want to love these songs, too. –Nick Toerner

 –guest (Kiss Of Death)

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