Aug 26, 2009

Ack! I have a problem! I can’t tell if I either 1.) do not like any new garage rock because it’s bad or 2.) do not like any new garage rock because I no longer like garage rock! Oh, the turmoil! I mean, I’m in no danger of relinquishing my membership in the Rip Offs fan club, but, whereas there was once a time when I liked about thirty percent of all new garage, the numbers have since plummeted to a measly five percent – at best! Anyway, this CD does not resolve my confusion. It sounds like all garage rock sounds. You know, organ, bass, drums, guitar. They cover The Stooges. They’re not bad, but until I figure out my dilemma, I just can’t say if they’re any GOOD! I could be the new Kruschev, with old garage being, of course, Leninism and new garage rock being the new Stalinism! Give me a little time! I can’t decide if I should take off my shoe and bang it on the table or not! Stupid? Yes! Is this Stalin-Os? I don’t know!

 –maddy (Get Hip)