MOMS ON METH: Grey Areas: LP

Nov 13, 2013

Phew, seventeen tracks of d-beat, hardcore, and USHC all mixed together with a bit of melody hidden within the barrage that this French quintet offers up. In fact, it seems like everything but the kitchen sink is used on the band’s debut album. Predominantly, this has great shouted/yelped female vocals which are occasionally aided and abetted by a gruff male adding to this album’s gritty vibe. This is fairly blistering from the start to just until before the finish, as the penultimate track, “Moms Hate the Police,” takes a different path and has more in common with The Muffs than sounding like any of the other tracks on the record—it’s a good song though. The closing track, “Thanks Asshole” kicks off in a raging fashion but becomes more sludge-ridden as it slowly grinds to a halt over four minutes or so. I like this record a lot.

 –Rich Cocksedge (Offside, [email protected], / Mosh Potatoes,