MOMMY SEZ NO: Hotwaterburnbaby: CD

Apr 27, 2009

There’s something psychopathically simple about Mommy Sez No’s music. When you let lunatics loose in a graveyard and give them enough time, they’ll start digging up corpses. It’s not because they’re malicious. It’s because they’re crazy. When you wander in and see them rhythmically drumming on the skulls of rotting corpses, it’s not because they disrespect the dead. It’s because they think it’s fun. If MSN’s music seems built specifically for dancing around in crowded rooms with sharp knives, it’s not because they want to hurt anyone. It’s because they want to dance. The scary part is that this disc will make you want to dance too. Just don’t get carried away listening to this stomping punk’n’roll. Blood is hard to clean up.

 –mp (Self-released,