MOMENT, THE: We Are the Plague: CD

Oct 02, 2008

Seems like after the first half of their second album The Moment woke up from a nap and started to make it fucking happen. In fact, “Hello Tiny One, You Are the Future” is a good song; track five to be exact. But it was too little too late for me—keyboards and screaming done in that way that seemed to be really popular, or it was five years ago. Definitely influences from Cursive and other bands that sound like that. Fuck! Sorry, guys. I tried. This is my third time listening to the album and I still hate it. But I will say, for a two piece they force a lot of power into their music. The art of the CD is interesting. And the vocals have me curious about who sings what, so they probably have a good live show. But how the fuck would I know? I’m listening to a CD.

 –Gabe Rock (Cesspool Projects)

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