MOJOMATICS, THE: “Down My Spine” b/w “The Diamond Jack”: 7”

May 26, 2008

Two-man-band from Venice, Italy, whose vocals sound like the lead singer from Randy (which is odd, due to Randy being from Sweden and both bands singing in English). My favorite Mojomatics song—“Nothing about Nothing”—crystallized my fandom for these guys a couple years back. That Alien Snatch 7” was a raucous mix of cracked-apart Beatles melodies that were linked to Hasil Adkins jittering that still shakes my bones. Since then, the Mojomatics have taken off the crazy hat and have dived into the world of Lennon/McCartney/Brian Wilson head first with straight-ahead, big-sounding, expertly produced, beautiful songs. Tell me if this makes sense. If I hadn’t heard their earlier stuff, I wouldn’t give this much of a chance, but since I know where it’s coming from, I like it. I can sit back and let the prettiness wash over me like a sunset. (Since the label that’s releasing this is named after a Beach Boys album, that’ll give you more of a sonic idea where this is coming from.) 

 –todd (Wild Honey,

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