MOJOMATICS: Nothin About Nothin: 7”

Aug 01, 2006

Sweet victory! A two-piece Venice (IT, not CA) band, mixing the can’t-rattle-‘em-loose melodies and warmth of the Saints (if they were more acoustically based) to the raw throw-it-together-and-somehow-it-works-really-fucking-well vibe of Billy Childish, accompanied by a jouncing harmonica. They’re incredibly catchy, joyous, and fun. I can see these guys easily appealing to garage purists (fans of Norton Records), Merseybeaters (okay, I’ll admit it, although I’m not a fan: The Beatles), jamboree punks (Rumbleseat), and rippin’ roots (Bassholes)— something I’ve never thought a band could be capable of before. Grab this one and see if you can find any of their back catalog.

 –todd (Alien Snatch)