MODFAG: Paradisio: LP

May 20, 2014

Age doesn’t give you taste, but it does give some history and perspective and I dare a sixteen-year-old me to digest as much music as I have over the past thirty odd years. Modfag sound familiar, I lived this vibe, lived this sound. The early nineties was littered with bands influenced by the late seventies Radio Birdman, Saints, et al. who were in turn influenced by the Sonics, Elevators, or Stones. Modfag are a throwback bar band that could easily have found space on labels like Big Neck, Empty, or Estrus. Drunk dudes in stripy shirts and bowl cuts kicking out the fucking jams in some shithole bar in Houston. My kinda fellows. Best thing about these dudes is they have no Internet presence; they just get their shit done in Houston. Feeling it. 

 –Tim Brooks (Little T&A,