MODERN WARFARE: Delivered: 7” EP

Modern Warfare were an early L.A. County-based punk/hardcore group that managed two EPs and several comp tracks during its brief (1980-83) existence. A bit of a cult following has grown around the band over the years, and this reissue of their corker of a debut EP illustrates why. The three tunes here showcase three different sides to their sound: the title track is an art punk ditty with a hypnotic back-and-forth dual-guitar riff, driving yet off-kilter; “Dayglo” is the thrasher that portends things to come in their immediate future; “In the Shadows” is the more straightforward punk burner. The original is highly sought after, not to mention a bitch to find anymore, and this pressing looks to follow suit, with a whopping 550 out there, all but a hundred sporting a cardboard cover with a screened reproduction of the original cover art. I slept on picking up a copy way back when it first made the rounds, so I’m of course fuggin’ chuffed as hell to have a copy three decades-plus later. Can a reissue of their second EP and/or a full discography be forthcoming in the very near future? Dunno, but let’s hope the hell so. 

 –jimmy (Ut)