Mar 28, 2016

First off, this cassette came out of Black Dots, so I was pretty sure it was good before I even listened to it. And it’s really good. I know nothing about this band, but they soar through some early 2000s youth crew HC with ease. This stuff isn’t really my style but the recording is spot-on and the riffs are exactly what they’re supposed to be until they hit a killer Uniform Choice-style breakdown that sounds fresh and relevant in 2016, which ain’t easy in this style. The thing is over before you have time to think. If this cassette’s any indication of what this band will do in the future, there’s an audience ready and willing to X up and mosh in basketball shorts with their friends so that later they can cool down with an ice cold can of Coke. Do it! 

 –Ian Wise (Black Dots)

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