MODERN PETS: Deformed Kids: Cassette

Nov 16, 2010

In a word, fantastic. I believe that the word to best describe Modern Pets’ sound is “zippy”—poppy, razor-sharp punk rock. Often referred to as “spazzcore” (but that term is perhaps a bit misleading at times, unless used in reference to Boris The Sprinkler), zippy bands (according to my definition of the genre) include the likes of the Briefs, Terror Pop, and the zippy all-fathers, the Toy Dolls (the three that came immediately to mind). Modern Pets are a welcome, welcome (German?) addition to that tradition, and they carry the torch very well. The mix on this six-song cassette is a bit muddy, which is unfortunate, but that did not stop all that wonderful zippiness from coming through; I long for the day that I can hear something from these guys with better production because this tape has kept me bopping for hours and hours. If, for some reason, you’ve been looking for a reason to drag out the tape deck again, this is it.

 –Eric Carlson (Fuck You In The Head,